Enrico Tortoli
• born in 1944
• married, one daughter, two grand-children
• living in Florence (Italy)
• degree: Biology (Florence University)
• specialization: Microbiology (Camerino University)
• training course at Mycobacteria Unit, Pasteur Institute, Paris
• formerly teacher in Specialization Schools of the Universities of Florence, Pisa and Siena
•WHO consultant for tuberculosis
Middlebrook award
• microbiologist at Microbiology Laboratory of Careggi University Hospital (Florence) 1974-2010
• responsible of Regional Reference Center for Mycobacteria 2000-2010 (retirement)
• scientific consultant at Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Unit of San Raffaele Scientific Institute (Milan) since 2011
• author of more than 200 publications, 170 of them published on international, peer reviewed, journals
• speaker and/or chairman in more than 100 national and international meetings

• Middlebrook award in Toronto, ASM2007
• Presiden
t of the European Society of Mycobacteriology 2004-2010

Technical assistance missions in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambque
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