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last modified February 6, 2015
Asian-African Society of Mycobacteriology

American Thoracic Society

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Consortium aiming to promeote and strenghten the collaboration between tuberculosis scientists from Europe and Latin Americadella

European Respiratory Society

European Society of Mycobacteriology

Evidence-based Tuberculosis Diagnosis
Website providing a complete synthesis of evidences, policies, guidelines and research projects in the field of tuberculosis

EZTaxon Database based on 16S rRN Asequences of type strains

Global Tuberculosis Institute

Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics

International Union against Tuberculosios and Lung Diseases

List of mycoBacteria with Standing in Nomenclatur
Essential taxonomic information about the officially frecognized mycobacterial speciese

MIRU-VNTRplus Database ofmainlineages of M. tuberculosis complex. Information is provided concernig epidemiology, MIRU-24, spoligotyipe, RD pattern, SNP,drug susceptibility, IS6110 RFLP

NTM-NET Nontuberculous mycobacteria network European trialsgroup

PRAsyte Database containing PRA (PCR Restriction Analysis) patterns of single mycobbacterial speciese

Sociedad Latinoamericana de Tuberculosis y otras Micobacteriosis

StopTB Partnership

Tuberculosis and HIV

Unità Patogeni Batterici Emergenti
Il sito del TB Supranational Reference Laboratory presso l'Istituto San Raffaele

World Health Organization Website containing official tuberculosi documents